Financial Agreements

Financial Agreements can be created before, during, or after a marriage has ended. Agreements entered into before marriage is often called a pre-nuptial agreement, whilst those entered into after a marriage but before separations are sometimes called post-nuptial agreements.

There are some stringent requirements outlined in the family Law Act 1975 which need to be adhered to so as to ensure such agreements are valid

We are able to take you through the process of having such a Financial Agreement drafted to ensure that the technical requirements of the legislation are met so as to ensure its validity.

Binding financial agreements, if properly drafted are very powerful documents in that they have the ability to negate a Court’s orders in regards to property and spousal maintenance rights.

Financial Agreement can be set aside by the Court due to issues that may involve fraud, deception, non-disclosure, or undue influence.

At AK Family Law we are able to advise you on how to do it right so you can have confidence in the document.

If you wish to apply to the Court to have an Agreement set aside then we can advise you about that as well.

Financial Agreements are a complex and powerful document and you can be confident that our lawyers will give you the best tailored advice available considering your personal circumstances.